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DB Fire Safety Limited

DB Fire Safety Limited is an independent fire safety consultancy supporting businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires that all businesses and organisations in England & Wales, including residential care and nursing homes, have an up-to-date fire risk assessment and that staff receive instruction in fire safety procedures. Legislation also requires that fire risk assessments are reviewed on a regular basis (recommended to be at least annually)

It is critical that there is a suitable and sufficient set of procedures for staff to follow in the event of a fire emergency. Therefore, all staff must receive appropriate training in those procedures that must be tested by carrying out regular fire evacuation drills.

It is also strongly recommended that all staff should receive instruction in general fire safety awareness. Such training would enable staff to fully understand the fire hazards and risks in their respective areas and, therefore, hopefully help prevent a fire from occurring in the first place.

In the majority of residential care and nursing homes, there will also be a requirement for appropriate staff to be designated as Fire Marshals or Wardens; to have particular responsibilities in the event of fire.

DB Fire Safety Limited was recently voted The Best Independent Fire Safety Consultancy 2017.

When interviewed following that award, the Managing Director, David Black said:

`We help our clients by carrying out the necessary fire risk assessments and providing continual updates. We also provide training to staff in general fire safety awareness as well as training any Fire Marshals that may be required. We are proud to include a substantial number of residential care homes as clients where we provide owners and managers with the support they require to help them meet their responsibilities laid down by fire safety legislation and ensure that all their staff and residents are as safe as can be reasonably anticipated. Winning this award demonstrates and proves our commitment to ensuring that all the advice we provide our clients is always in their best interests.`
Our motto `Your Partner for Fire Safety` accurately describes our mission that has led to our receiving this award.`

From our offices in Peterborough we offer a FREE 24hour consultancy service. Please pay us a visit on stand 13032 at the Dementia Care & Nursing Expo NEC


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