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DB Fire Safety Limited

alarm-316545_640DB Fire Safety Limited is an independent fire safety consultancy supporting businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

Managing Director, David Black says:

“I established DB Fire Safety Limited as an independent fire safety consultancy. Based from our Peterborough office, we serve clients throughout England and Wales; including Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire.

“As the Managing Director of DB Fire Safety, I have over 21 years experience in the fire safety industry and am a fully qualified fire risk assessor. I also fully understand the difficulties you may find in navigating your way through the minefield that is fire safety legislation.

“Our guiding principal is to provide businesses and organisations with comprehensive fire safety support without the pressure of trying to sell fire extinguishers or fire alarm systems.

“The support that we provide is totally independent of any other commercial interests other than the ability to carry out your fire risk assessment and the opportunity to train you and your staff in fire safety awareness and, if deemed necessary, as fire marshals.”

DB Fire Safety offer:

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment will assess the risk of a fire occurring, the hazards present that may impact the spread of fire and will highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

Fire Safety Training

We can provide general fire safety training, along with specialised fire warden training.

Online Fire Training

We offer a wide range online courses including basic training, fire marshall training and fire extingusher.

Visit www.dbfiresafety.co.uk for further information.


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