Dare to be Different

Person-centred care is the ‘buzz’ word of the social and care sectors. Everyone knows about it; everyone supports it, and apparently everyone does it.
But if that’s the case , then why is it not the everyday lived experience in our care culture?

MCM recognises that individual well-being is not an ‘individual’ matter. Our relationships with the people, places and things that have shaped our life journey make us who we are and sustain our sense of personhood. Engaging in moments, experiences and activities that resonate with who we are and meet our needs for love, attachment, belonging, agency, occupation, comfort and attachment makes life meaningful. Individual ill-being occurs when these relationships are undermined and life lacks meaning and purpose when such connections are absent in our daily lives.

Meaningful relationships make us feel secure, free and able and help us to feel at home in ourselves. Having a diagnosis, disease, cognitive or physical impairments does not take these feelings away from us, it just makes these relationships matter even more. Nurturing these person-centred relationships is therefore key to sustaining individual well-being and developing an emotionally resilient culture of care.

Collaboratively; we can achieve improved care cultures which are meaningful without compromising compliance and best practice.

A culture where people are ‘ Free to be Me’

Do you dare to be different? We do.


Email : admin@meaningfulcarematters.com
Phone: 01273 242 335

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