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Cytolax Barrier Cream & Barrier Spray

Cytolax is a range of health and wellbeing products that interacts with human cells bringing them to life so as to improve physiological outcomes. Manufactured in ISO certified medical factories, every formulation is developed to offer premium solutions that encompasses products for home self-use as well as for the medical profession.

The barrier skin protection range is made up of Wipes, Creams and Spray to prevent and protect skin from moisture, maceration and pressure sores.

Cytolax Barrier Cream:
Cytolax Barrier Cream is a hypoallergenic unique formulation that prevents sores and skin irritation, repairs damaged skin and moisturises dry skin.

– Perfectly pH balanced, transparent and durable cream offering up to 24-hour protection
– Forms a gentle layer of protection that is non-greasy and resists wash-off
– Protects skin from body fluids, urinary and faecal incontinence
– Contains nourishing additives such as Aloe Vera extract, Shea Butter and Vitamins
– Available in 120g Tube, 500g Pot and 10g Sachets

Cytolax Barrier Spray:
Cytolax Barrier Spray is a 100% Silicone, alcohol free solution that forms a transparent protective and breathable layer between the skin and the air or surface that the skin may come in contact with. Hypoallergenic and quick drying formula ensures no irritation or burning sensation.

– 100% Silicone
– Upto 72 hours protection
– Unique formula allows it to be used with adhesive dressings and protects skin from medical adhesives
– Transparent and Permeable solution
– No Stinging or burning sensation
– Alcohol Free
– Non Cytotoxic
– Quick Drying
– 50ml

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