CTU Services’ Thermal Access System

With the introduction of various measures to constrain and manage the emergency of COVID-19 in the UK, CTU Services Thermal Access System presents the ideal solution. To address the challenge of social distancing many public places are implementing restrictions on customer flow. This includes locations such as the hospitality industry and the retail sector.

CTU Services perfectly resolves the problem of “how to accurately and efficient- ly control customer flow in a premises”

Their system detects how many people are present in the targeted area and display the figure in real-time. If the capacity is reached the system’s display immediately indicates no more people should enter.

The two systems that CTU Services sup- ply can be merged together to give you more security and social distancing. The Thermal camera can be wall mounted or comes on a sleek stand. It will also notify any number of members of staff of any issues with potential clients entering the premisses via text or email.

• Facial recognition is fully integrated with body temperature monitoring. This means no addi- tional staff are required.

• The solution is contactless, reducing the risk of cross infection.

• Extensive storage of facial images and tem- perature information enabling easy historical access.

• Fast facial recognition and temperature mon- itoring reducing access congestion. In Scotland will detect if you are or are not wearing a mask / face covering.

• Integration with third party products such as turnstiles and VMS.

See a demonstration of the system at https://youtu.be/lcQllOytA7Y

For further information, see the advert this page, call 01257 477060 or visit www.ctuservices.com

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