CQC Spotlight Turns To Medical Refrigeration In Care Homes

medical-refrigerationFollowing the damning report by the CQC on GP practices that are failing to meet basic standards when it comes to the safe and reliable controlled storage for drugs and vaccines, the spotlight is now turning to all other services regulated by the CQC, including care homes.

Many residents at care and nursing homes depend on vital medicines and drugs that need secure and safe storage in specialist medical refrigerators to provide strict temperature control. In such cases, domestic fridges are totally inadequate. Not only do they raise serious issues of safety and security, if the drugs are spoilt, the resulting wastage would prove expensive at best, but lethal at worst.

Medical fridges are especially designed to maintain an internal temperature between +2º C and +8ºC and, unlike domestic fridges, they come with a variety of features to ensure that they stay at that constant temperature. These include an integral digital controller with an external LED digital temperature display that makes it easier for the user to monitor the internal temperature without having to open the door.

Specialist medical refrigeration comes in all sizes, with models even available to suit establishments that are short on space. Models include compact under-counter and counter-top fridges, as well as freestanding fridges with larger capacity.

Under-counter and counter-top fridges provide a popular and effective storage solution for those care homes where space is at a premium. Whilst the under-counter models are designed to fit under most countertops, enabling the best use of space, the compact countertop fridges are ideal for those establishments where space is limited and may be used as a backup to larger models.

Commenting on the importance of specifying the correct medical equipment, Lec Medical’s Brand Manager, Carolyn Holland said: “The safe storage of medicines is one of the five essential requirements of CQC and operating a medical refrigerator that is fit for purpose is paramount for many drugs and vaccines – not only can malfunctions be costly, they could also endanger lives. Despite this, some care homes fail to use purpose-built medical refrigeration for storage, with some even failing to check the temperature of the fridge.”

Carolyn adds: “Lec Medical offers a wide range of medical refrigeration that is suitable for care homes. Unlike most other medical fridges, some models also boast reduced running costs courtesy of an environment-friendly R600a refrigerant cooling system that delivers greater energy efficiency.”

Whilst all Lec Medical’s models boast the ultimate in performance, security and reliability, they also feature a fitted lock, an innovative anti-microbial handle, wire shelves and basket, and come with a two year parts and labour warranty as standard. All under-counter models also feature a new advanced digital controller, internal light and fitted rollers for ease of movement. Selected models are available with a glass door.





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