COVID-19 Game Raising Awareness To Promote Safe Behaviour

Game that offers the facts and challenges myths (from UK government and NHS). It’s free-to-play and works on any device through a web browser. It only takes couple of minutes and there is no registration required.

The game is intended for anyone and everyone:

The game is being played by adults and older children and here is feedback from a teacher in Egypt:

 “I teach grade 8 students (14 years). My students are in COVID-19 isolation and their response to eLearning was disappointing. I needed to attract their attention.  We were exploring diseases in populations and I sent them the COVID-19 Game. It was like magic! Within 2 hours they were sending selfies of their scores, encouraging others to play and sharing information. The students were engaged, they learned and were entertained. Thank you.” Haidy Wael, Science Teacher, Egypt.

The game is based on similar health education games: Flu Bee Game and Dementia Awareness Game. Both games were investigated by Queen’s University Belfast and within the NHS and they concluded that the games can and do change perceptions and behaviour.

So, it is hoped that the COVID-19 Game will have a positive effect on some members of the public. Here is a comment regarding the Dementia Awareness Game from Dr Gillian Carter, School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast:

 “The dementia awareness game has been played over 1,000 times and research conducted by Queen’s University Belfast on its impact shows that after playing the game, a person’s attitudes to people living with dementia improve! This statistically significant information is being prepared for an international journal”

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