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Cosyfeet Extra Roomy Shoes & Slippers

Do you know someone who struggles to find shoes or slippers to fit? Cosyfeet, the specialists in extra roomy footwear, can help. Wider and deeper than anything on the high street, their British designed footwear is expertly crafted to fit and flatter extra wide and swollen feet.

Now spring has arrived, Cosyfeet’s newest collection boasts a fabulous range of styles in a choice of delicate powder blues, fresh florals, and bright colours to see you through the season in style. Get ready for the bright and breezy days ahead with supportive fabric styles so you can walk in cotton-soft comfort, there’s also a great selection of on-trend but comfy sandals. Discover their new Sport Active™ styles for men and women, so everyone can exercise in comfort.

Cosyfeet’s ethos is simple. They believe that swollen feet should have the most comfort- able, stylish footwear possible. That’s why they combine the latest trends with premium materials, expert shoemaking and advanced foot comfort technology. The beauty of their footwear is in its simplicity. They offer a roomy, one width fitting which can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling, so you don’t have to worry about complicated foot measurements.

Lots of thought goes into Cosyfeet’s designs, including minimal seams, easy openings and removable footbeds so you can even wear your own orthotic.

Cosyfeet offer VAT exemption if you have a chronic medical condition and a money-back guarantee if their footwear doesn’t work for you.

For more information visit or call Cosyfeet on 01458 447275.

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