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Combatting Loneliness with Home Care Companionship Services

Happy-Days-SBS-WinnerLoneliness can affect anyone in our communities. We’re recognising more than ever, that some elderly people may be experiencing too many lonely days. The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness states ‘one in three people aged 75 and over say feelings of loneliness are out of their control.’ The Alzheimer’s Society reports 38% of people living with dementia said that they had lost friends after their diagnosis. For elderly people who have developed a medical condition or living with dementia, loneliness can impact on their overall well-being.

It’s great to see that many home-care companies are now providing companionship sessions for people in their own homes. To help carers enrich social care, Gillian Hesketh of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design has developed a range of  traditional games with conversation prompts and life story tools to encourage meaningful conversations.

Here are Gillian’s top pointers to help care providers engage with clients:
• Find out about the individual – the person’s life story – interests – likes and dislikes.
• Make a list of interesting topics and favourite pastimes – adjust activities to suit.
• It’s not necessary to win or complete games and tasks – the act of engaging is often enough to prompt meaningful conversations.

For more information or FREE 10 Pointers for Carers List, contact Gillian Hesketh gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk or shop online at


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