Colour Activated Disinfectant Tablets

Peracide is an effective and rapidly stable sporicidal disinfectant tablet that tackles the transmission of C.difficile and other HAI. Peracide is the result of many years continuous development, testing and collaboration with, Prof Peter Wilson and Dr Shanom Ali of UCHL microbiological laboratory department.

The development cycle has included laboratory and on-ward testing to validate effectiveness and user-acceptability. Peracide has been tested against C.difficile spores 027 modified BSEN 13704, MRSA, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Modified BSEN 1276 and Norovirus EN 14675 among others.

A prominent novel feature is its built-in colour indicating system that alerts the user with a change of colour of the solution when it can be used and alerts them again with a second change of colour when it cannot be used and should be discarded.

Other features and benefits include the following:
• Destroys C difficile 027 spores in 30 seconds
• Remains active over 24 hours
• Fragrant non-pungent odour
• Unaffected by organic soil
• Biodegradable, non- corrosive, non- toxic
• Superior cleaning property
• Higher efficacy than comparable chlorine based solutions

Peracide is benign; it does not present any adverse risk to the environment or the user. It can be used on porous and non-pours material; and suitable for use in trigger sprays, buckets, microfiber cloths and mops for safe disinfecting of beds, washrooms and floors, surfaces & medical equipment, computers & office equipment.

PERACIDE, ward trial and Laboratory testing was performed by Environmental Laboratory at University College London Hospitals NHS foundation trust.

Available via NHS Supply Chain – Product Code: Peracide 3g: MFB1002 or Peracide 6g: MFB1005
0114 278 0222

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