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CLH Healthcare Launches Touch Screen Digital Interactive Table

CareUK_demoAs we move into 2019 CLH Healthcare will again be attending a number of exhibitions to display our state of the art 40” Touch Screen Digital Interactive Table.

Have you seen this exceptional product yet? If not, please give us a call – we will happily come and demonstrate it to you. Whilst there are alternatives on the market, the feedback we have is that once you have seen ours there are no alternatives!

So what is so special about this portable table-turned-tablet? Firstly, its versatility & manoeuvrability. It has mains and battery power so can be moved wherever you want both within the Home or outdoors, with no trailing leads.

It has a variety of uses – the screen can be used flat as a table (particularly helpful for group activities and table based games) but also its angle and height is fully adjustable, making it ideal for quizzes, memory games, films, staff training and much more. It can also be used for sensory apps, with light and sound, particularly relevant for those living with dementia.

Secondly, it is completely adaptable to your needs, allowing you to download and install hundreds of relevant apps free of charge, where some other options are far more restricted.

If you would like to learn more, or book a demo please call us on 01392 823233 and check out our CLH website at clhgroup.co.uk


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