Clean Away Your Kitchen Ductwork Fire Risk

There aren’t many fire risks that you can simply clean away, but here’s one that an expert can. Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning helps to protect your kitchen, your team, your residents and visitors – and the rest of your premises – from fire.

Cooking even the healthiest menu creates airborne fat, oil and grease particles, which settle into deposits inside your kitchen extract ductwork, canopy and fan. Anything more than a thin layer of grease, about half the depth of a business card, is a serious fire risk. Grease needs to be controlled and removed at regular intervals, in accordance with TR19® Grease, the specification for ductwork hygiene.

Your normal cleaners won’t be able to access the ductwork to remove these deposits, so you will need a specialist cleaning provider. Swiftclean is a founder member of the Vent Hygiene Elite scheme, which is run by the Building Engineering Services Association, known as BESA. This means that after we’ve completed your TR19® Grease compliant clean, we can provide certification to demonstrate that you have done everything required of you to protect the users of your premises.

In the event of a fire, certification will help to demonstrate that you have not been negligent. If there should be a fire, and particularly if residents are harmed or negligence is proved, the Responsible Person can face legal proceedings and even, if convicted, a custodial sentence. If you cannot demonstrate TR19 Grease® compliance, your buildings insurance provider may also refuse to pay out following a fire.

And don’t worry about disturbing your residents. We’ll work with you to establish a time frame to perform your TR19® Grease clean when your kitchen is not being used and your residents are safe elsewhere. Our technicians are DBS checked so you can be confident that we will also act with care and respect at all times.

Make sure you have your kitchen extract ductwork cleaned regularly. Call us now on 0800 243 471, visit or email

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