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Christmas Gifts To Give Carers A Little Extra TLC

Aroma-Care-Solutions-is-Santa’s-Little-Helper-for-Carers-in-the-HomeHome and Skincare specialists Aroma Care Solutions have developed a range of Christmas gifts with a difference.

Designed exclusively with carers in mind, Aroma Care Solutions have come up with the perfect answer for carers, including those who look after elderly relatives or young children in order to give that little extra TLC that is so often lacking.

The gift sets either contain home care or skin care products or can be tailormade.

With combined expertise in aromatherapy, perfumery, and hygiene and odour management, Aroma Care Solutions uses the finest nurturing natural ingredients in both of its ranges. Ethical and gentle, they provide a touch of luxury which help to calm, soothe and uplift the spirits, leaving your body and home protected and clean.

And with their beautiful fragrances for the body and the home, both ranges are particularly popular among carers and people being cared for alike.

The range of skincare gift sets includes the Hand Wash Collection, made up of English Florals Hand Wash and the Fresh Green Hand Wash.

Both containing natural ingredients such as aloe vera the English Florals Hand Wash leaved a lingering scent of traditional English flowers, while the Fresh Green Hand Wash leaves the lingering scent of English horse chestnut and chamomile.

The Luxury Hand Care Collection also includes the English Florals Hand Wash as well as the accompanying English Florals Hand and Body Lotion and the Hand and Nail Barrier Formula, a unisex product containing skin nurturing botanicals such as shea butter which helps prevent contamination.

The Time for You gift set contains Fresh Green Hair and Body Wash as well as a bottle of Organic Rose Water Spritz – containing 100 per cent pure rose flower water to refresh, cool and hydrate the skin, helping to calm the mind and lift the spirits. There is also a relaxing candle.

To Say Thank You uses the English Floral Hand Wash and Hand and Body Lotion with Aroma Care Solution’s Luxurious Face Cloth.

The Seasonal Home Care gift set is not only luxurious and beautifully scented but also offers a practical solution for all.

It contains the Direct-to-Floor Cleaner, with antibacterial ingredients effective in removing spills, stains and smells for an effective, hygienic clean; the Antibacterial Hard Surface Cleaner, which leaves surfaces hygienically clean with an exquisite fragrance, and the Absorbent Aromatic Granules, designed for the clean up of body fluid spills and odour management.

Or the Everything You Need Range contains the Direct-to-Floor Cleaner, Antibacterial Hard Surface Cleaner and Absorbent Aromatic Granules as well as the Textile Cleansing and Hygiene Formula – a fabric-deodorising spray containing silver for its antibacterial properties – and the Deodorising Room Spray, which gets rid of bad smells and leaves the room beautifully fragranced.

For more details visit www.aromacaresolutions.co.uk

Samples Available on Request.


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