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Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella Pneumophila bacteria. This is found in nearly all water systems, but is normally limited to low, safe levels. However, in domestic or man-made water systems, legionella bacterial levels can rise and become unsafe, possibly causing infection to those exposed.
Duty Holders of all commercial and public building premises are legally required to assess the risk from legionella to anyone using the water systems and put in place legionella control measures if required.

At Chiltern Water & Environment, we offer legionella control services nationwide including:

• A legionella risk assessment that can identify and assess the risk from each open water system
If significant risks are identified then we offer:
• A control scheme must be established to monitor the risks, remediate any issue identified and ensure the system is adequately maintained to prevent future risks
• A competent, responsible point person is nominated to ensure the above is carried out effectively
• Some systems may require additional water sampling, especially where susceptible people are present, there has been a history of legionella issues or the control scheme cannot be adequately maintained

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