Caring For Our Future

ECCA has submitted a detailed response to the DH consultation Caring for our Future.

Professor Martin Green said:

“We very much hope that providers, the actual deliverers of care, will be listened to and heard by the DH when it considers the consultation responses. Whilst we welcome the principles behind the reforms – more certainty for people, and more fairness and transparency- we are not yet convinced that the proposals can be implemented in a straightforward manner and without unintended consequences.”

Martin continued:

“These reforms must allow for a full and open reassessment of the fees paid by councils for care of people who will be entitled to state funding support. The implementation of these proposals, without the safeguards of ensuring local authorities pay the true costs of care, will put the financial health of all providers in even more jeopardy, by removing self-funder income and disincentivising investment.”

“Finally, the reforms need better communicating to the public and centrally prepared clear messages on the implications for people, including that people with assets will continue to have to pay for their care, is key.”

“We look forward to continuing to engage with the DH, local authorities and others in working through implementation issues in the coming months.”















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