CareZips™ Dignity Trousers

CareZips™ are adaptive trousers that preserve the dignity of incontinent people, whilst helping the caregivers to deliver better care.

Fitted with unique 3-zip fastening system, the CareZips™ make changing of incontinence diapers more dignified and comfortable for the patients and easier and faster for the caregivers.

CareZips™ feature 3 strategically positioned zips, 2 of which run from the waist to the knees on both sides of the body. The 3rd zip goes from the inside of one knee all the way up and down to the inside of the other knee, thus entirely opening the trousers at the crotch, when needed. The 3-zip system enables access to the abdomen and crotch for fast and easy diaper changes without the need to undress the patient or pull the CareZips™ trousers down.

CareZips™ are unisex and available in 7 sizes for good fit. CareZips™ fabric is soft and wrinkle resistant with stretch for extra comfort. Washable and non-iron, the CareZips™ are perfect for daily use.

When worn over hip protectors, such as HipSaver QuickChange, HipSaver OpenBottom or HipSaver EasyFit, the CareZips™ help to prevent fall-related hip fractures.

CareZips™ Trousers improve lives of vulnerable people and aid their caregivers!

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