Care Staff Being Paid Below Minimum Wage Due To Council Cuts

120 care providers are being investigated by HM Revenue and Customs for paying care staff below the minimum wage, according to today’s Guardian.

The paper claims that care companies are blaming cuts in council funding for the decrease in salaries. According to the paper, tactics for paying less than the minimum wage have included not paying for travel time between care visits.

George McNamara Head of Policy and Public Affairs Alzheimer’s Society commented;

‘It’s disgraceful that care companies are paying care workers such low salaries. Combined with the recent revelation that many care workers are only staying in people’s homes for 15-minutes at a time, this latest news highlights how carers cannot possibly be providing the good quality care that people need.

‘Two thirds of people with dementia currently live in the community and many will have to rely on help with day-to-day tasks. With an ageing population, more and more people are going to need care in their own homes. We need to invest in care workers and ensure that they are given the support they need to provide the best care possible. The current social care system is broken and urgently needs to be fixed – otherwise we’ll all be paying the price.’















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