Care & Nursing Staff Turnover – Eliminated! Commitment – Increased!

Imagine a situation where you would have little or no worries about staff walking away and having a team that are very committed to your organisation.

How is that possible?
By hiring overseas staff through the Sponsorship Licences Government Initiative. (We can help you if you don’t have a Sponsorship Licence yet)

Why would the staff be committed and loyal?
According to the legal arrangement of their visa (right to work in the UK) all these overseas staff are obligated to stay at your organisation for 3-5 years otherwise they lose their immigration status and are liable for deportation to their country of origin.

This makes them committed and legally bound to stay and work with you

Someone might say this sounds too good to be true. What happens if the staff is not happy? The reality of the matter is that a very small percentage will not work out but that is where we come in.

Firstly, we preselect the staff that we feel will blend into the culture of your organisation. Secondly, we will supply you with the tips that ensures a better settlement procedure for overseas staff. Finally, we are at hand through the continual coaching and mentoring program to identify ‘sticky areas’ and work with you on getting a mutually beneficial solutions.

Why work with us?
Purer Health Care Agency has been specially designed to help reduce the high staff turnover and its associated cost and disruptions as well as help overseas candidates obtain a better economically enhanced life. This way we serve a business, social and economic purpose.

How we do this?
We have conducted a robust background screening conducting Criminal Checks, Identity Checks, Work Reference Checks and Family History Checks. Hence all our staff have been prequalified and have the appropriate qualifications and checks that exceed the required UK standard to safely and effectively function as Nurses & Care Assistants.

Here are some more advantages of working with us:
– No Flights/Travel Obligation.
– No Accommodation Obligation.
– 1 Week induction and orientation course for all staff (The idea is that from the first day the employee comes to work ready to hit the road running.)
– Free continuous personal development mapping for all staff.

What next.

Give us the opportunity to help you eliminate your staffing issues by reaching us on:
T: 0203 287 5125

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