Care Friendly Furnishings

By Dwayne Cook, Head of Projects, Care Interiors at Spearhead

One of the most difficult parts of putting together a new range of furniture and finishings is selecting individual products to offer customers; there are hundreds of styles to choose from! We know that care homes must combine physical needs with the building’s style, whilst considering the tastes of many different stakeholders. Our ranges need to have something for everyone.

Consequently, even though the ability to deliver in seven working days influenced the Furnishe range, all products were selected primarily because they meet the needs of the care home.

Flexible bedroom packages are at the core of the Furnishe range, all of which are built around a furniture set including a wardrobe, dresser and bedside table. These three key products have been carefully chosen for their suitability in care environments; rounded corners help to keep your residents safe whilst contract specification ensures each piece of furniture will survive heavy use. The three items are designed as a matching set and are available in dark, medium and light woods, offering plenty of options to match with existing interior design. The same wood options are available for the optional beds and quantica chairs, which will add a sense of unity to bedrooms and greatly improve your resident’s environment.

The quantica chairs themselves were also chosen because of their suitability for care environments. They feature large side wings, which will help residents remain comfortable in a seated position, and are upholstered in a wipe clean material, helping your staff keep the home clean and odour-free. There are four colour options available in the quantica chairs; all make use of contrast to assist residents in independently navigating their rooms and tie in with the soft furnishings that are optional additions to Furnishe packages.

Furnishe has four colour options to choose from, all of which have been chosen to offer gender-neutral colour schemes, and a mixture of modern and traditional themes to suit every care home. The most traditional theme is the highland fern, which uses a neutral palette of stone and soft greens with a touch of raspberry for highlight, and includes classic patterns such as small checks and stripes. The zen ochre colour scheme adds warm golden colours to a grey base, and uses foliage designs to add interest to the bedrunner and curtains. Havana teal combines light neutrals with bold teal to create a vibrant room, added to by the bright florals on the bedrunner. Finally, kashmir amethyst uses a mixture of geometric cream shapes over a base purple colour, create a room with a contemporary feel.

A key focus of Furnishe is that the packages offer flexibility to care homes; providers can choose as many or as few products as they require. Some of the products are also flexible in their use, for example the bedrunners are designed to be reversible, allowing residents to choose if they would like the patterned or the plain side on display. This flexibility carries over to the dining and lounge packages, which offer chairs, coffee tables and dining room tables. As with the bedroom packages, these are available in dark and light woods so as to suit every interior, and all corners have been rounded for safety. The upholstery on all the chairs is available in classic and neutral tones, ensuring that there will be something to suit every home. Optional sliders are also available for dining room chairs.

Furnishe is designed as an express service, helping you fit out and redecorate your rooms within seven working days. Despite this, you can be certain your rooms will look polished and complete, with the same high quality, care focused products that you have come to expect from Care Interiors at Spearhead.

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