Care Bill Built On Sand Without Adequate Funding

National deafblind charity Sense has called on the Government to release enough funds to make the aspirations of the Care Bill a reality at its second reading in Parliament. Sense Deputy Chief Executive, Richard Kramer, said:

“The Care Bill is an incredible opportunity for politicians to finally get social care right in the UK. Chronic underfunding has left many disabled people without the support they need and MPs must take this opportunity to improve social care for some of the most disadvantaged members of society. But without appropriate levels of funding the Care Bill is effectively built on sand and will not provide adequate social care for the future.”

“Over the past year many disabled people, including the deafblind people that Sense supports, have been pushed to breaking point. They have been hit by the bedroom tax, struggled with changes to the benefit system and many have faced huge cuts to their social care, leaving them without the support they desperately need to live full and active lives.

“Cuts to social care will have a knock on effect and will result in further demands on the NHS. As people reach crisis point they can become more susceptible to falls or require hospital treatment because they didn’t get the support they needed from social care.”















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