Birds Of A Feather – Art Collaboration In Sussex Bridges The Generation Gap

Children from across Sussex are collaborating with leading dementia care home in Seaford to produce an extravagant artwork.

The Creative Instincts club at St. Nicholas primary, Portslade has created hand-crafted textiles that are now in the hands of former art teacher, Verna Rose. Verna, who resides at Clifden House, dementia care centre, is tasked with compiling these elements to create a very large textile peacock.

Nial Joyce of Clifden House said: “Verna is using problem solving skills to design and assemble inspired by the children’s work and, as a former art teacher, is clearly enjoying the challenge.

“Our aim at Clifden House is to find something that each resident enjoys doing – this is often a skill or hobby that was a key part of their lives before the onset of dementia. Like all our residents, Verna is thrilled to be involved with this wider community project.”

Once Verna has completed the peacock it will be displayed next to a giant cormorant, which is being created by Start Art pupils at Hillcrest Community Centre, Newhaven.

Carol Havard, project facilitator and director of Art Techniques, said:  “The peacock will feature the work of the many children who attend the Start Art Club.  They are very excited about working with Verna and look forward to seeing the final product that Verna is currently working on.”

“This partnership through art is a great way of bridging the generation gap and bringing different groups of people in the community together.”

The collaboration between various children’s groups and Clifden House is part of a comprehensive activity calendar at the home to create an active and vibrant environment where people stay connected to and involved in their local community.