Barchester Infographic Shows Meaningful Activities Matter

Barchester Healthcare, a major UK care provider, believe that maintaining independence and continuing with leisure activities is one of the things people value most as they get older, and recent research confirms this in an infographic.

Where once older age was associated with winding down after many years of work, the study found that attitudes are changing and retirees see no reason why they cannot be as active as possible.

More than 81 per cent of people questioned said being able to do their hobbies was of the utmost importance to them, with 61 per cent claiming they don’t see age as an issue and 62 per cent stating they feel younger than they are.

Some 69 per cent of those in their 60s also said they want to get more involved with activities such as walking, cycling and dancing. A quarter stated they are keen to join community and social groups.

Barchester has more than 200 care homes across the UK and 95% of respondents of Barchester’s customer satisfaction survey said that nurses and carers “treat residents with dignity and respect”.*

Trish Morris-Thompson, Director of Quality at Barchester Healthcare, said: “These results are indicative of what we see in Barchester care homes around the UK. Residents want to be active and learn new skills and we encourage this through providing meaningful activity.

“Celebrating life with friends, whether by doing tai chi at a weekly class or painting a watercolour as part of an art group or sharing a joke over a drink, are simple day-to-day pleasures that people enjoy wherever they live. For residents in a Barchester home, we support them to do this as part of the personalised care we offer.”

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