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B-Sure Recycling Launches Waste Management Company

The complete recycling solution for all your business waste

B-Sure Installations, a leading UK installation company for the care home and healthcare sector in the UK. The Leicestershire-based company has recently invested over £70k to launch a new waste management company, B-Sure Recycling. The new enterprise, helps customers, many of which include residential care homes, reach mounting waste management targets by providing a complete collection and recycling service of all types of business waste.

“How we manage waste is a huge environmental and business concern for the healthcare sector. Reaching recycling targets through circular economy solutions are a significant part of environmental goals for the care industry,” explains Ross Chambers, Managing Director, B-Sure Installations.

The complete waste management process
All types of waste items including paper towels, furniture and electrical equipment can be recycled at the B-Sure recycling site where the company has installed two compactors and a high-tech granulator.
B-Sure Recycling provides the complete management of the waste recycling process. Care homes and hospitals are provided with bins and cages to collect waste at their sites. When these are full customers can either book a collection using an on line portal or arrange for a regular collection to be made by the B-Sure recycling team.

Once collected then the waste transported back to B-Sure Recycling facilities. Metal waste is collated, wood-based waste is broken down and separated and plastic waste is granulated and bagged. The recycled materials are then provided to B-Sure partners who create it into new products such as mats, play areas, PVC windows, toys and many more new products. Some items such as office furniture, if they are in good condition, are refurbished or resized so that they can be reused, placing them back into the circular economy.

The complete circular economy recycling solution
B-Sure experts can provide an outline of the recycling process end to end, and businesses who want to book the recycling service can do so via an online system. The B-Sure team take care of the whole process enabling customers to focus on their own important business, whilst ensuring that their waste management targets are being met and their operations are working sustainably.

“We can now offer a complete circular economy recycling solution for all of our customers to reach their waste management targets ,” adds Ross Chambers. “B-Sure Recycling can enable its health care and care home customers to complete its waste circle, saving them money, time and inconvenience within the manufacturing process whilst supporting the much needed expansion of the business waste recycling infrastructure across the country.”

Welfare is a priority
Family-owned B-Sure has grown over the last 15 years to be a major installation company in the UK. B-Sure specialises in maintenance and installation projects and property maintenance across all types of businesses from care homes to offices, hospitals to shopping centres. All B-Sure staff are trained to work with care and respect to specific customer needs.

“The welfare and well-being of everyone at a customer’s site s is paramount for every project. Our teams are trained not just in the practical skills, but also how to show care and consideration towards people – and this approach is extended to B-Sure recycling service. We provide all the tools, equipment and advice of how to make the most of the new service for the benefit of the business and the environment with minimal disruption and mess. ”