Arquella releases next-generation Nurse Call system

The care environment can feel like running on a hamster wheel, says Ruben Timoney, chief sales officer at Arquella, only someone else is making it spin ever faster! More regulation, more evidencing of care, more data, more administration. And all this seems to make the real task of delivering excellent care feel like a secondary activity.

Arquella exists to support care teams by providing digital solutions that reduce the burden of administrative tasks and increase time to provide real care. By integrating existing Nurse Call technology with the latest IoT (Internet of Things) developments, they bring together care delivery with automated data collection, providing easily accessible management information.

Arquella has recently released AIDA and its associated Nurse Call system the Arquella AURA system. AIDA is their cloud-based data platform which delivers management information through a web browser. This provides information anywhere to authorised users, protected by the highest levels of data security.

Arquella AURA is the newly launched Nurse Call System, designed to integrate seamlessly with the Arquella AIDA platform. The system includes all of the usual requirements for a Nurse Call system but extends functionality through CTM (Call-to-Mobile) and Motion Points.

During their research, Arquella found that CTM was the ‘most asked for’ function requested by Nurse Call users. Their ICD (Individual Care Display) provides staff with call details anywhere in the building, improving call response time and reducing unnecessary journeys to read panels.

Further research indicated that being able to detect resident movement without the use of floor mats was also highly desirable. Arquella has developed the AURA Motion Point. This device uses Passive Infrared to activate calls based on resident movement. This capability has already proven invaluable in dementia environments where residents can be fearful of floor mats.
Arquella’s journey is the continuous exploitation of technology to provide care teams with the tools to provide great care. They invite organisations who share their passion for care, to join them on the journey.

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