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Are You Up To Date On Food Shortages That May Impact The Catering In Your Care Home?

Everyone’s acutely aware of current labour shortages, but what about product shortages that may impact the food you’re offering to your residents? Planning to use products that are in short supply may mean you’re faced with even higher food costs.

Food procurement experts, allmanhall, provide some insight to help you plan, to mitigate and to tweak your menus if needed.

Like all of us, UK farming is being impacted by a multitude of factors, including spiralling costs. The NFU has warned of a looming threat to UK food security. In particular, there’s a risk of product shortages in the following energy intensive sectors:
• Eggs – there are 4.9 million fewer hens laying eggs in the UK today compared to 2019, down 13% from 42.7 million to 37.8 million.
• Glasshouse grown produce including tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumber are likely to see production levels fall to their lowest levels on record.
• Pears – UK pear production is at its lowest level since records began. Fears of crops rotting in fields due to a lack of temporary seasonal labour compound the problem.

Furthermore, UK pork prices are up 40% year on year, largely due to high energy, high feed costs and reduced herd sizes.

This insight can be helpful when planning your menus and how to make the most of already-squeezed budgets. For more expert analysis and other useful resources, why not take a look at

allmanhall are achieving up to 16% food cost savings for Care groups in the UK. As well as catering procurement, they can help with incontinence products, PPE and other frequently bought products. For larger items, allmanhall can support you by running a tender and ensuring the best value.

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