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Anthony Bygraves Plants ‘Tulips From Amsterdam’ With Charlie Dimmock In Honour Of His Father

Anthony-Bygraves--Charlie-DBoth personalities planted tulips in the gardens of Poole Sunrise Senior Living retirement home last week, raising money for Alzheimer’s Society.

Funds raised from various charity events and also by purchasing the ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ collection directly from www.peternyssen.com will help to support the Bygraves family’s nominated charity.

Charlie Dimmock, TV gardener and celebrity lives in the New Forest and has very kindly given her time to support this worthy cause. She said:

‘Gardening is what I do, it’s great to be able to support the Alzheimer’s Society and this project is close to Anthony’s heart.’

Anthony, who has a Just Giving page,  will continue the project as an on going memorial to his late parents, who both suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s and also provide annual and colourful spring time gardens for the ‘in house’ residents of retirement homes everywhere. He said:

‘Thank you everybody at Sunrise Senior Living for letting me start off this tulip planting in Westbourne, so close to our Bygraves family spiritual home of more than 40 years.

‘Dad suffered from Alzheimer’s but he could always remember the lyrics to the 1,400 songs he sang. The people in the homes where I perform remember it as well, it is a trip down memory lane for them, a kind of therapy in action.

‘Dad made a lot of people happy and I feel it is my responsibility to keep that going.’

Max Bygraves had a number one hit record with ‘ Tulips from Amsterdam’ in the early 1960’s. October 16 marked the anniversary of his birthday in 1922.

(Quotes attributed to Daily Echo & Dorset Echo)


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