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Anglia Crown – Popular Dishes for Everyone

Anglia Crown offer a wide range of hot and cold desserts that are ideal for a well-balanced, nutritional diet, including choices that do not contain gluten. Our Crown Choice and Advantage ranges include some fifty-eight dishes, including our new, warming Ginger Chocolate Chip Sponge and delicious, comforting custard that goes with almost any hot dessert.

Our Crown Choice cold dessert includes the perennial favourites such as Chocolate Cake, whilst our Crown Advantage range also offer ‘reduced sugar’ desserts. All individual Crown Advantage desserts come in packs of eighteen, whilst the Crown Choice desserts come in packs of 3 and 6 allowing accurate portioning and cutting down on any potential waste.

Many of the Anglia Crown dishes can be teamed up with fresh fruit, allowing for additional choice. Items such as our Carrot Cake or Vanilla Cheesecake can be accompanied by whipped cream, garnished with seasonal fresh fruit.

Our hot desserts are high in energy, our hot portions of 170kcal and above provide energy and protein dense options and when served with custard provide over 250 kcal per serving. Our cold desserts of 250 kcal and above also meet the energy guidelines in the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Nutrition and Hydration Digest (2017) requirements.

Vegan Suitable Choices
At Anglia Crown we pride ourselves with the array of vegetarian and gluten free dishes that we offer, including an impressive range of desserts. This was recognised with us being named at the Vegetarian Wholesaler of the Year 2022 at the VfL Awards for Excellence in Veg*n Care Catering.

All the Anglia Crown hot desserts are suitable for vegetarians, Most of the Anglia Crown vegan products have been registered with the Vegan Society, including some thirteen of the dessert dishes.”

Anglia Crown are here to help take the strain out of your menus throughout the year.
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