Alzheimer’s Society Response To Call For National Dementia Database

Police chief Sir Peter Fahy has called for a national database that will include the details of people who have dementia.

He says this will help emergency services help people who are ‘confused or agitated’.

George McNamara  Head of Policy and Public Affairs  Alzheimer’s Society  comments:

‘Too many people with dementia currently go under the radar, and lose out on access to health and social care support they need. Agencies like the police need to be able to identify people with dementia but giving them access to a national database may pose problems.

‘If the police and social services were to simply share existing information more effectively, this could go a significant way towards aiding the police and enabling people with dementia to live independently in their own homes. It is also vital that the police are given sufficient training, so they can act in the best interests of people with dementia at all times.’















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