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Here at Alliance Online we are a company that have been operating in the care home and wider catering sector for over 23 years, we stock over a total of 20,000 products we understand the demands and needs for a care home especially in the upcoming Winter. As the care home sector starts to stock up for the upcoming winter, we believe that we can deliver certain necessities that will help cover and enhance the care home experience that many will be going through.

Churchill Simple Measures Mug
Preventing dehydration and accurately measuring the amount required. An example of an essential that a care home should be considering is the Churchill Simple Measures Mug that is designed to help care workers with being able to judge the perfect amount that is needed rather than trying to accurately measure by eye. It doesn’t need to be said the potential issues this can cause in terms of dehydration and precise drinking amounts.

Paper Hygiene
From janitorial to paper hygiene and all in-between, Alliance Online can help any commercial care home with providing the necessary tools and appliances for the upcoming Winter. It has happened on numerous occasions where a care home will run out of something they didn’t even know they were short on; this is why it is crucial that correctly restocking the appropriate aspects of a care home are achieved in due time. One of these sectors that will often be understocked is paper hygiene. Toilet paper, hand towels or facial tissues are used in abundance in the care home sector and need regular restocking.

For more information on our product lines, or to see how we can help you and your business, contact us on 01270 252 333, email us at or visit our website or see the advert on page 8.

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