AfterClean InstaClear and AfterClean ContinuFresh

The vast majority cleaning companies deliver a good service, however, is the customer always aware of this? The net result of a great clean is the restoration of the space back to its original condition.

Whilst this should be enough on its own, sometimes the customer will need reassurance that the area has been cleaned effectively. They will achieve this with the help of AfterClean products.

AfterClean InstaClear achieves this by immediately and permanently neutralising odours – odours that often linger after an area has been cleaned. By combining natural, renewable and sustainable plant extracts to form a harmless neutral molecule, it eliminates all bad odours. All it requires is a quick spray of the area.

AfterClean ContinuFresh delivers a long-lasting fragrance on demand after the standard clean has been completed. By releasing millions of microscopic biodegradable capsules the ‘just cleaned’ fresh fragrance is prolonged. The key benefit of this new technology (patent pending) is that it works harder when clients are present. Any movement will disturb and rupture some of the capsules releasing the carefully selected fragrances. This confirms to the client that their area has just been freshly cleaned. The untouched capsules quietly remain intact, waiting for the next client to generate an audit trail of superior cleaning.

Application for both products is simple via a standard, refillable, trigger spray or a fogging machine for larger areas.

It is the final stage of a great clean – neutralising odours and delivering a fresh audit trail and customer satisfaction.

To find out more contact or call 01934 244 160

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