A New Frontier for Control of Winter Bugs

It’s important to protect your residents from the rising rate of infections during the winter season and Peracide is the ideal solution.

Peracide is a colour-activated in-situ peracetic acid disinfectant tested to over 70 EN, BS EN and ASTM standards. It’s even tested to kill COVID-19 at 1000ppm in only 30 seconds in soiled conditions.

It was developed with the help of Prof. Peter Wilson and Dr. Shanom Ali of UCLH microbiological laboratory and has been tested to kill all known pathogens including:
• Pseudomonas
• Norovirus
• E. coli
• Legionella
• Streptococcus Pneumoniae
• C. Difficile

Peracide is a powerful dual-action oxidising agent that targets proteins, peptides and amino acids of all pathogens, whilst surfactants clean and remove soil, making it perfect for cleaning and disinfecting in 1 easy process. This versatility means it can replace other products and be safely used anywhere, including washrooms, kitchens and on any surface including stainless steel and fabrics. Peracide is also recommended for use on equipment such as commodes, bed frames and mobility aides. It produces no toxic by-products, so it’s safe for both your users and the environment.

Peracide’s innovative colour-change system makes it easy for users to see when it is active. The solution turns purple to show peracetic acid is being generated, pink when the solution is ready to use, and clear when ready to be disposed of. This ensures no solution is wasted or used while inactive.

Here are two of our satisfied customers:
“The staff are very happy with it!” Jayne, Ravenstone Care Home
“The colour system works really well.” Nikki, Aucklands Rest Home

Available via NHS Supply Chain – Product Code: Peracide 3g: MFB1002 or Peracide 6g: MFB1005 and via Bunzl
0114 278 0222

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