3 reasons for carers to go digital

Technology should be celebrated rather than feared in the world of care, says Nuno Almedia founder of Nourish Care Systems, “and while some may be a little hesitant to adopt a digital approach to care, those who already have are noticing significant improvements. The CQC believes that the benefits of technology are changing the way people give and receive care. From more accurate notetaking to closer monitoring of those most vulnerable, technology has the ability to enhance not just the smooth running of care homes, but the overall quality of care being given.”

“Nourish Care is challenging the common misconceptions surrounding the use of technology within care. With questions regarding safety, efficiency and overall necessity, Nourish wants to highlight just a few of the many ways technology is benefiting everyone in the care sector today…”

It’s data efficient

•Data security is possibly one of the biggest fears with technology. However, with the advanced systems available to the care sector today, people’s data is far safer than it would be on paper.

•With everything stored in a secure place online, this allows for far more accurate care management. Papers don’t get lost, handwriting doesn’t get misread, and you’ll always have that information backed up for easy reference whenever you need it. The recording of data in this way is also allowing care professionals to monitor and analyse data in a much more advanced way, leading to better care practices and outcomes.

It improves the well-being of the carers and those they’re caring for

•A lot of people see technology as a block to real-life interactions, and many also fear that tech will take over their job roles completely one day, but this certainly isn’t the case for carers.

•Technology or no technology, good quality care starts with people, but with the right training, the use of tech can make everyone’s lives even better. Carers can easily prioritize the needs of those in care in order to give their full attention to those who need it most, and the efficiency of working this way can also help to reduce stress in staff.
It’s simple to use

•Of course, making the switch to a digital way of life can be daunting for those who are new to it, but with technology being such a large part of our lives already, the transition within the care sector may not be as tricky as you think. Technology can enhance care management by freeing carers up from admin to spend more time doing what they do best – caring.

•Everything can be recorded quicker and easier on the job, rather than needing to set aside time at the end of what are often very lengthy shifts, to complete the necessary paperwork. Once something is recorded once, this is then stored and easy to access in the future whenever it is needed. Digital information is much easier to share between care professionals such as GP surgeries and hospitals, ultimately speeding up processes and ensuring a consistent level of quality for those in care.

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