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Workforce Scheduling Solutions Ltd

WFWorkforce Scheduling Solutions deliver Time & Attendance systems worldwide, using the latest Face Recognition technology.

We have introduced ‘FaceID’ as an alternative to card, fingerprint, and key fob systems to ensure that each member of staff can only book themselves on and off duty.

DutyHoursTM and TimeCapTM are designed to eliminate paper time sheets to improve accuracy, reduce payroll errors and processing time. The software is easy to use and will dramatically reduce the time and costs to produce the staff payroll. Pre plan the hours to keep costs within budgets.

The Electronic Visitor Book will replace paper books which are no longer acceptable and create breaches of GDPR. All visitors are recorded with information of who they are visiting.

Last minute changes to employee schedules are handled fast and efficiently and it will dramatically reduce pay queries. Staff simply clock in/out with their unique PIN and they can look up their time sheets showing work done or work planned in the future.
Employees increasingly have access to the Internet through Mobile phone, tablet or Home computer. They can view/download their shifts both past, present and future, send requests for Holiday and receive accepted or rejected messages.

We have introduced the concept of ‘Check Calls’ in which employees are required to make regular calls through the night and weekends which will remove the risks in respect of staff absences when there should be full cover.

The system creates an electronic timesheet of which job, where, when, which department and accurately calculates and controls pay hours including Bank Holidays, sickness and other absences. It will identify allowances such as overtime, weekend and night shift working and export the hours for your payroll or for your accountant.

Call Workforce Group using the following number for more information and to book a demonstration of the system. +44 (0) 3333 444 562


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