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Wireless Infra Red Movement Sensor from Bennett

advert-text-2The movement sensor came about when a handyman at a care home complained about pressure mats short life span and how easily damaged they are, also more worrying was that some residents know that if they stand on them a nurse arrives so try to step over them sometimes falling in the process.

My background is not only in nurse call but intruder alarms as well so I decided to build a small discrete sensor that covered both sides of the bed. 

The first ones were wired to a nurse call point and worked well but one of the drawbacks of the pressure mat also applied to the sensor, it could be unplugged!

So I started work on a battery operated wireless sensor that sends an infra red signal to a compatible call point, and over a period of six months it was tested in a local care home and refined with feedback from the handyman and nurses. It has been over a year now since I started selling them and the feedback is all good.

That care home is part of a national group of homes and I have now sold to many of their homes with repeat orders coming soon after.

Frequently asked questions

How long do the batteries last?

Minimum 4 months if left on permanently 

What type of batteries?

4 x AA & 1 x LR23

What is the range?

Approx 6 metres and 110 degrees

Is it suitable for any nurse call system?

At the moment it is suitable for Intercall, Caresafe & Quantec systems with infra red call points.

If I have one of the Intercall, Caresafe or Quantec systems with standard call points can I change them?

Intercall and Caresafe points are easily changed by your handyman, Quantec will need an engineer.

What is the auxiliary jack for?

Anything you can plug in to your call point can be connected to the sensor and the signal will be transmitted to the call point. If your resident wants to sit at the other side of the room from the call point a pear push can be connected without the use of long leads.
How much do they cost?

Standard sensor £165 + Vat. Sensor with Auxiliary jack £175 + Vat. (Inc postage)

This sensor is designed to alert staff of movement within a room fitted with an infra red nurse call point. It can be positioned on the floor or on bedside furniture. It is self resetting – you need only reset the nurse call system. The auxiliary socket may be used for anything that can be plugged in to the wall socket without having to use long leads I.e. pear pushes, pressure mats etc.

Detection Angle: 100°
Detection Range: 6-8 metres
Batteries: 4 x AA Energizer Lithium and 1 x LR23 transmitter
Output: Infra red transmission
Working Temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Working Humidity: < 93 % RH Dimensions: 150 x 65 x 40 mm Weight: ± 250g

These movement sensors are covered by a one year guarantee against defective materials or workmanship. It does not apply in cases of damage, wear and tear, unauthorised modification or adjustment.

For further information visit www.bennettsecurity.co.uk


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