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What is the True Value of Power Assisted Baths in Care Homes?

When a Nursing Home owner specifies a power assisted bath for their care or residential home, they must carefully examine the pros & cons involved in that decision. If the products perform well for the Home, then everyone concerned from owners, staff and patients are happy with the investment, the choice of product and he or she has the confidence to specify the product on future projects. If the product is unreliable, or the after sales service is poor, then that can be irritating and create more work for all involved in the bathing process.
The “true” value of a power assisted bath therefore Is not just the initial cost of the product, it is also the peace of mind and security in the knowledge that the you have specified the right product from a reliable company with a proven track record of good service.

What to look for when choosing your power assisted bath.

As most reputable manufacturers use the same type of electronics and lifting components, the big differences are found in the service levels and reliability of the product. If you suffers a product breakdown it can be at best a major inconvenience, but remember, how manufacturers perform for on service call-outs can reflect upon your business.

So, when choosing a power assisted bath, look at the company and its experience in the industry. Are they making realistic claims about there product that they can’t back up? Ask them what the first response period is once notified of a breakdown. Checkout their service call-out charges? Do they offer extended warranty or service agreements?

A power assisted bath is classed as Class one Medical Device and the manufacture should be registered with the M.H.R.A. Also check the CE mark. Depending on the processes used, any CE mark displayed should conform to Medical Directive EEC 93/42 (as amended) for as long as we remain in the EU. Being classed as simply lifting equipment is insufficient for a Class One Medical Device.

The other equally important thing is the quality of production. This is where experience counts. If you can’t visit the factory, make sure that you have seen the bath and assessed the baths build quality. Ask them to bring a product to your locality so you can test it for yourself.
The Assisted Bathing Company, although a new company is owned and operated by Ray Metcalf and Dennis Goodes, with 35 years in specialist bath manufacturing. The SilverSurfer range of power assisted baths are built to exacting standards to offer our clients the confidence to “fit & forget”.

To find out more or request a brochure call us now on 01590 647 479 or www.assistedbathing.com



Dennis Goodes, managing director of the Assisted Bathing Company started working in the specialist bathing industry in1983 as national sales manager for Appollo Baths (Hampshire Medical Development Ltd). In July 2000, he founded Gainsborough Specialist Bathing for the Premier group, producing and selling Gainsborough’s first power assisted bath. Later becoming a board director, Dennis achieved record sales growth throughout the UK, Europe, Japan and the US. Since then, he has helped design baths for several major companies in the UK and Japan.


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