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What is a LifeByte™?

Developed from our unique LifeRooms™ and LifeWalls™, the new LifeByte™ is a bite size piece of Fun that puts a smile on everyone’s face by bringing back memories of happy times at the Beach, helping to create ‘Little Islands’ of calm and contentment in a potentially scary chaotic world. All you need is a wall and we can bring the enjoyment of the seaside straight into your Home!

“The LifeByte™ is a great way to engage and communicate with residents. Tactile surfaces everywhere, integral touch sensors to create seaside themed sounds, waves or music, along with gentle mood lighting, aromas such as Candy-Floss as well as lots of interesting things to see and do, means your residents have a really enjoyable day at the seaside – everyday!

With Little Islands we know that anything is possible!”

But don’t take our word for it, scan the QR code and see for yourself…

Little Islands – Innovation in Dementia Care, by Design

Visit www.littleislands.org for further information.


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