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Touch-less Disinfection Services

sanodafSanondaf is the only decontamination franchise in the UK specialising in the disinfection and decontamination markets using revolutionary and completely touch-less disinfection technologies. Their extremely advanced touchless disinfection system actively kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

Although the company is just 2 years old in the UK, they have achieved national coverage with 30 operational territories covering all parts of the UK and Ireland. As well as this, their international growth is also substantial, as they have now commenced operations in Central and South America, Singapore and Thailand, and are due to launch in South Africa in January.

“The Sanondaf method is completely universal and can be used by any customer as emergency treatment dealing with an outbreak or an infection but also as a preventative treatment,” commented Director Stuart White.

“We have positioned ourselves in the market as specialist disinfection and decontamination providers with a system that is affordable, cost-effective and readily accessible through our UK wide team of technicians.”

The eco-friendly, touch-less disinfection solution from Sanondaf involves the application of a dry disinfectant mist which has been utilised in many different environments such as care homes, hospitals, nurseries, veterinary centres, funeral parlours, laboratories, food production facilities, operating theatres, offices, restaurants and kitchens.

Disinfectant fogging provides certainty that an entire environment, room or space has been treated and this includes all surfaces, difficult to reach areas and of course the air itself which can contain airborne pathogens, this is the gold standard of disinfectant techniques and eliminates manual error from this vital task of protecting people’s health.

Unsurprisingly, the great functionality of the group’s touch-less disinfection solutions hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the past 18 months Sanondaf has been credited with 4 important business awards: a Company of the Year title and the Industrial Excellence 2015 award from Best Practice, Best Company at Show from Solutions UK and selected Best New Business at the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards.

“Interest in touch less disinfection is at an alltime high as more evidence emerges from the hospital sector about the inefficiency of manual cleaning when trying to combat the ever increasing threat of infections and in particular antibiotic resistant infections which ultimately can result in the loss of life,” Stuart explained.

“Recently the United Nations produced a declaration signed by 193 countries to specifically formulate an action plan for dealing with drug resistant infections and super bugs. In the UK a target has been set to reduce the incidence of high risk bacterial infections in hospitals by 50% by 2020 and this will not be achieved using traditional manual cleaning techniques.

“Viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi can be harmful to human health and Sanondaf would challenge any UK business to review any plans they have in place for dealing with infections and outbreaks which can cause a danger to clients, staff and suppliers.

Emergency plans can go out of date very quickly and I would ask any business to consider Sanondaf as an emergency response or maintenance provider to deal with bio-burden.”

The company is pleased to run ‘The Sanondaf Challenge,’ a free-of-charge service involving the collation of environmental swabs to identify hygiene levels in different settings. Please get in touch with the group today or check out the client testimonials and videos online for further information.

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