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Tiny Horse Captures Hearts Of Care Home Residents

The latest ‘visitor’ to a Sherborne care home had a mane, a tail and wore two sets of  training shoes.

Star the Miniature American Horse trotted into Colten Care’s Abbey View and promptly stole the hearts of everyone she met.

Star is eight and half years old and is one of three American Miniature Horses owned by April and Steve Kibby of Lofty Therapy Horses, based near Yeovil, Somerset.

Amongst Star’s admirers at Abbey View was resident Yvonne Willway.

Yvonne said: “I’m so thrilled to meet her.

“I grew up in Devon and when I was around seven years old I had a Dartmoor pony I called Pixie. I loved her so much.

“My mother adored horses as much as I did, so we always had them around.

“It’s wonderful to be able to touch and nuzzle this beautiful creature.”

For her visit to Abbey View the impeccably behaved Star wore sparkles in her mane and specially-created, pink, trainer-style hoof covers.

As well as spending time with residents in the home’s main lounge, she was also taken in the lift to visit residents who were not well enough to leave their rooms.

Abbey View, like all Colten Care homes, receives regular visits from all manner of animals, from rabbits and reptiles, to alpacas and donkeys, as part of its varied activities programme.

Home manager Jo Ellis said: “It was pretty hard not to fall in love with Star. She had everyone captivated from the moment she came in.

“She also prompted a lot of discussion about the much loved animals and pets our residents have had during their lives. I’ve a feeling people will be talking about her visit for a long time.”


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