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The NursecallShop.co.uk for wireless nurse call systems and accessories are returning to the Care and Dementia Show 2017 after a successful launch last year.

Once again the very affordable i2 Wireless Nursecall System will be on show as well as several new accessories including Bed and Chair Monitors as well as a Periodic Check Unit (PCU). The PCU can be connected to any Nurse Call System and supports staff by reminding them to check a resident a pre-set intervals. The intervals can be set by staff and range from 15 minutes onwards. Typical use would be to support end of life care pathways or distressed residents.

The i2 Wireless Nurse Call System is proving very popular with small, independent care homes. It has all the functionality of a modern day nurse call system but allows the home to install it themselves.

Simple to use and install it comes ready to use straight out of the box. There is no complicated central controller setup and quite simply a Call Point sends a full alphanumeric message directly to a Pager and a Display.

Each Call Point has 7 alarm levels, Call, Assist, Emergency, Sensor, Visit, Reset, Low Battery.
One Call Point and One Pager is all it takes to start a system! Use code CAR10 for a 10% discount.

See www.nursecallshop.co.uk for full details.


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