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What is a LifeByte™?

Developed from our unique LifeRooms™ and LifeWalls™, the new LifeByte™ is a bite size piece of Fun that puts a smile on everyone’s face by bringing back memories of happy times at the Beach, helping to create ‘Little Islands’ of ...

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Alcohol Misuse Linked To Increased Dementia Risk

French and Canadian researchers have investigated a link between chronic alcohol misuse in people admitted to French hospitals and their dementia risk. Scientists found that there was a strong association between excessive alcohol consumption and increased risk of dementia. The ...

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Dementia Project Reaches National Audience

A successful project in Essex that was found to benefit people with dementia and their carers is being presented at a national music therapy conference today. The Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR), at Anglia Ruskin University, partnered with ...

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