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In 2017, research conducted for Carers Week found that 74% of the UK public feel that carers are not sufficiently valued by society, with an even higher 83% of those who have previously had a caring role agreeing that carers are not valued.

Carers are an invaluable part of society, providing care and support to those who cannot care for themselves, often at the sacrifice of their own social lives and responsibilities. Whether it’s a close relative that cares all day for another family member, or a friend that cares for you, the people that provide care make a huge difference to the individuals they provide with comfort, support and assistance every single day.

It’s for this reason that Surewise.com decided to launch our Thank A Carer initiative, providing any and all members of society with the opportunity to nominate exceptional carers for the work they do.

Carers nominated will instantly be nominated to win a Carer of the Week, a £50 voucher, and more – with prizes changing throughout the year.

Surewise.com are dedicated to helping and protecting customers against the unexpected, providing insurance to enable them to live life confidently against unforeseen circumstances and to ensure everyone receives the support they need.

The Carers Week research made clear that currently, the carers in our community are not receiving the support they thoroughly deserve, so Thank a Carer host frequent opportunities on their website, Facebook page and through the hashtag #thankacarer for anyone to nominate a carer to win prizes and giveaways and, above all, the recognition that what they are doing every single day, is valued.

If you would like to get involved in the opportunity to give back to carers today, be sure to join the Thank a Carer community at ThankaCarer.com and nominate any carer you know that is more than deserving of a thank you for their service – and start giving back to those who give today.


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