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StarPRO Professional Cleaning Products

StarPRO offers a complete range of professional cleaning products that work to provide more effective cleaning in less time. Powerful enough to cut through dirt and grime in one pass, StarPRO’s cleaning products get the job done in half the time.

The StarPRO range is perfectly suited to the hospitality industry, as they have been specially developed to meet the challenging needs of these environments.

Customers will experience significant savings by switching to StarPRO, as products can be purchased directly from the StarPRO web site (www.starprodirect.com). Buying direct allows StarPRO to offer its products at a lower cost without the need to add on retailer’s fees and increased logistic costs.

Products have been conveniently separated into eight colour-coded categories that correspond to the COSHH guidelines, allowing StarPRO to be seamlessly integrated into any professional cleaning routine.

Visit www.starprodirect.co.uk for details of the range.


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