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Snug Positioning Pillows

all-snugs-1Caring for different health needs, whilst keeping patients safe and comfortable are the priorities of doctors, nurses and carers. Patients’ mental and physical wellness must be considered alongside medical needs, if the best possible quality of life is to be achieved.

Snug Positioning Pillows enhance patients’ comfort and safety, the two important factors that ensure better communication and active interaction between patients and carers. Snug Positioning Pillows empower the carers to deliver better care for effective rehabilitation, faster recoveries and healthier lives for patients.

Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cushions that secure stable and comfortable patients’ positioning in bed or during armchair rest. Designed to improve lives of chronically ill, frail and disabled with little strength or no mobility, Snug Positioning Pillows redistribute external pressure on patients’ body, helping to prevent pressure related bed sores, painful ulcers and skin irritations.

Snug Positioning Pillows are perfect for people in a coma, apallic syndrome victims, dementia sufferers, visually impaired or immobile people, hemiplegics, people at risk of pressure ulcers, frail elderly, terminally ill and more.
Durable, washable, flame retardant and available in different designs to meet patients’ needs, the Snug Positioning Pillows improve lives of the most vulnerable adults and children.

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