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Simplify Your Laundry Setup with Berendsen

Laundry might not be first and foremost in the minds of care home managers, however, when things go wrong, it can impact residents and staff on many levels if not resolved quickly. An in-house laundry service is a time and space intensive process which is why many care homes choose to outsource it to an external provider.

External providers offer care homes the ability to improve the quality of their linen, as well as manage infection control. Berendsen is an expert in outsourced laundry provision and as such has strict procedures in place to offer the best possible service. Here is how the process works:

• Clothing – The latest electronic track and trace technology is used to safely wash, dry and iron (if required), pack and return clothing.

• Linen – For flat linen items, a needs analysis is carried out which establishes how much and what type of linen is required by the home, based on usage, bed changing policies and residents’ needs. The level of linen stock is then calculated, including a buffer for unexpected usage. Berendsen also provides a rental service for linen in-cluding towels, bedding and kitchen linen, which saves additional capital costs for the care home.

• A service schedule is agreed, which outlines the number of deliveries and collections the care home will receive each week.

• Clear communication ensures linen stocks meets the needs of the care home. When linen is required a delivery is sent with sufficient items to top stocks back up to re-quired levels.

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