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Scandinavian Laundry Technology Without Detergents, Endorsed By WWF Has Come To UK

Per Hansson (pictured left) inventor of the patented
DIRO® method. Here with a DIRO® system which has been installed into a care home property.

UK-based start-up water filter company, Smart Water Filters Limited (SWF®) recently secured an exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement for DIRO® – the innovative Cleantech product from a Scandinavian water filter company Scandinavian Water Technology AB (SWATAB). The product is a climate friendly laundry technology without detergent chemicals that was endorsed in May by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for its unique features, and its positive impact on the environment. DIRO® got WWF’s award for “Climate Solver 2017”.

The agreement covers the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. DIRO® is a filter system that is placed between the incoming cold water and washing machines, making detergents totally redundant. Tested by SWEREA IVF and has a proven cleaning effect according to the EU Ecolabel test for detergents. Allowing for reductions in energy consumption by 80 per cent on commercial washing cycles and by 40 per cent for the drying processes.

Mark Higson, SWF’s managing director said: “Our vision is to promote an allergy and environmentally friendly, detergent-free lifestyle in the UK. We are very pleased to announce that we have recently strengthened our relationship with SWATAB even further, by converting our previous distribution agreement in to a manufacturing and distribution agreement of the DIRO®, in order for us to specifically tailor the system for the UK market.

“Beyond cost savings for consumers who no longer need to purchase detergents and softeners, DIRO’s benefits are significant. Cutting down on chemical detergents leads to lower acidification in water sources. The DIRO® system reduces energy consumption by up to 40 per cent. And the service life of machines will be longer because, with ultra clean water without detergents, no residue or limescale build up occurs.”

For further information call +44 (0)1234 889743, email: info@smart-water-filters.com or visit www.smart-water-filters.com


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