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Safe and Affordable Long Term Care Solutions From Drive Devilbiss Healthcare

The recent acquisition of Sidhil by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare means the long term care sector now has access via one supply point to an expanded range of high quality, high performance products developed specifically to match the challenging requirements of this market.

“We have an extensive range of products designed to provide a comprehensive and affordable choice for long term care environments,” states Darren Kinsalla, National Sales Manager, Long Term Care for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. “From Sidhil’s long-established Bradshaw beds through to the Drive Casa range, we have profiling options to meet all requirements, from standard singles though to four foot wide beds and bariatric options. In addition, our beds can be supplied with a choice of specialist surfaces, from static mattresses though to alternating dynamic therapy systems, as well as specialist products like our Hybrid Power mattress which has the versatility to double as both a static and dynamic surface to optimise pressure area care.”

Darren’s team has also been looking closely at individual issues faced within long term care, particularly in terms of affordability and safe, correct use of products. “As an example, all our hoist slings now feature a woven label with clear directions for use. With these products subject to decontamination processes and high temperature washing, printed labels fade and the products are discarded when instructions are no longer legible. Our hoist slings are lasting up to ten times longer, saving significant sums of money. In addition, we include a QR code which, when scanned by a smartphone, leads directly to a training video, promoting safe and correct use of our products,” he confirmed.

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