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ReVitalyz is Mandatory for Sunrise & Gracewell Homes

With activities in care settings being recognised as an essential part of care provision, the Vitalyz Exercise team are delighted that another of the Top 20 Large Care Home Groups are now embracing the ReVitalyz Seated Physical Activity (SPA) training programme, enabling regular sessions within all their communities.

Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare recognise the importance of keeping their residents as mobile as possible and one of their dementia team commented “This training is very relevant and would be appropriate for all team members to participate in that are working in the care sector.” Demonstrating their commitment to enriching resident’s lives Sunrise have now made SPA training mandatory for at least FOUR team members within each Home, ensuring continued delivery regardless of staff shortages due to holidays etc.

ReVitalyz SPA training enables carers and volunteers to deliver personalised physical experiences which can maintain mobility while improving social interaction and mental stimulation. Recognised by NAPA the 4hr, practical workshops include appropriate tips, motivational techniques and practical ideas delivered at an achievable level enabling learners to deliver basic seated physical activities to their clients.

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