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ProMove – A2B With Dignity

Established in 2007, ProMove UK Ltd manufactures and supply’s the ProMove sling. The unique design of the ProMove sling means it can be used to move an individual in a confined or outdoor location where a hoist cannot be used.

The ProMove sling allows an individual to be moved without being manhandled and with the least risk to the operator. It has been independently tested to carry a range of different sized individuals, from children aged 3 years to large adults weighing up to 45 stone.

The ProMove is easily placed beneath an incapacitated person whether on the ground, seated in a chair or restricted in a tight corner. It provides good support, forming a bucket shaped seat, giving a sense of security for moving and transferring.

Strategically placed handles distribute the load between as many operatives as appropriate. Therefore reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury and providing a more controlled and secure transfer.

For more info please visit www.promove.uk.com or call 01970 820893 or e-mail sales@promove.uk.com.

Please quote THECARER17 for a trial and 20% discount on your first purchase.


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