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Pro-Cal Powder®: A Food First Approach

It has been reported that 25-34% of hospital admissions are at risk of malnutrition and 30-42% of patients who are admitted to care homes are at risk of malnutrition (BAPEN, 2017). Studies have shown that increasing the energy density of meals through food fortification can increase an individual’s calorie intake by up to 30% (Odlunds, et al. 2003).

Pro-Cal powder® is a powdered, neutral tasting food fortifier which mixes easily into a wide range of food and drinks. It is a unique blend of protein, fat and carbohydrate designed to specifically enhance the macronutrient content of every day foods. It provides 100kcals and 2g of protein per 15g sachet or scoop. The fact it is neutral in flavour means it doesn’t affect the taste of foods so patients can eat the normal foods they enjoy without it causing a taste change. This may help aid compliance when it comes to food fortification by helping to ensure that patients achieve a higher energy and protein intake without a noticeable difference to their daily intake. Pro-Cal powder is especially useful for fluid restricted patients or those who cannot tolerate large volumes because it can be incorporated into many food and drinks without affecting the volume.

Pro-Cal powder comes in a variety of pack sizes to suit both acute and community settings, including catering tubs that are ideal for care homes or hospital kitchens. It is extremely easy to use, therefore is convenient and manageable for both patients, carers, and catering staff.

Pro-Cal powder is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision. If you would like to request a sample or learn more about the product, please contact your local Vitaflo Representative or call our Head Office on 0151 709 9020.


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