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Prevention Is Better Than Cure…

With NHS interest in prevention rather than probable eventual hospitalisation, physiotherapists in adult care and hospital trusts are recommending that care homes and families buy small hand devices for exercise to prevent hand closure and protect against skin breakdown.

Fingers bending towards the palm can be painful to move, if at all possible, and can result in skin deterioration between the fingers and in many cases total closure will lead to skin damage from nails to the palm of the hand.

It is beneficial to have a strap over the back of the hand or the thumb to secure the hand grip in place, unlike in years past when a rolled flannel or bandage was deemed sufficient.

Hand grips are available in sheepskin, nylon, terry fabric, and velour covered micro-beads at a cost of less than £20. But sheepskin can become hard and rough after washing, nylon is often too hot causing the palms to sweat, and terry fabric takes longer to dry. Soft micro-bead hand grips and finger separators can also be used as ‘comforters’ in end of life care and as a diversion for individuals prone to pull at feeding or IV tubes. Micro-beads are cool and easily laundered, quick drying and very comfortable.

For more information contact MEDORIS on 01608 819 219 or look at their website – www.medoriscare.co.uk


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